Cozy Catania Hop
 the Cozy Catania Hop
Conditions and terms
SUmmer Edition
SUmmer Edition



Manuela Capuani (Etna Hop/Catania) is the official event organizer.


1. All participants take part in this event voluntarily and on their own responsibility. The organizer does not bear responsibility for losses on health, personal belongings or other losses


2. The event`s program and classes` schedule fulfill an informative role only. The organizer will do his level best to conduct all the events according to the published schedule.

3. The organizer reserves the right to alteration of the places of particular events and the invited artists.

Registration Rules

1. Registration must be done via website form.

2. People registering as a pair fill in the form individually stipulating a name and a surname of a partner. People registering as a pair have 24 hours to send their registrations.  If one of the partners does not complete all the formalities connected to the registration,  a person is  treated as being registered solo.

3. Registrants will get an email from the Organizer within 48 hours after submiting the form. The email will say about registration acceptance or waiting list sign up. Payments must be done within 48 hours since the acceptance email from the Organizer. In case of not getting payment within this period, registration will be cancelled.


1. The price to be paid will be send in the confirmation email from the Organizer. Here you will see all discounts.

 In case of any errors, participants should contact the Organizer to solve the problem.

2. Payment must be done within 48 hours from the moment of receiving confirmation email.

3. All payments must be done in EUR.

4. You have to pay via bank transfer on the Organizer`s account.

    5. In case you have the chance to register very late, directley in front of the event, we will find another way to pay.

Resignation`s conditions

1. Resignation can be made by an email  from the address given in the form.

2. In case of a resignation the organizer keeps the deposit of € 30,- paid by participants:

a) and 50 % of counted and verified payment if the resignation is made till  11 July 2016

b) and 100 % of counted and verified payment if the resignation is made after 11 July 2016

c) You can transfer the booking to someone who replaced you. Please contact us and tell us the name.

3. In individual cases, when the resignation made after 11 July 2016 or later is a result of change or cancelation the event independent from the participant, the Organizer will pay back the full amount.

An agreement to use an image

Taking part in any event organized by Etna Hop, a participant agrees to publish and use his/her image fixed in any form(photos, recordings and others).